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Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrade, Lionel Martin  15 Jan 1990Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I266
2 Danley, Elizabeth  Aug 1981Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I3193
3 Morreira, Frank Jr  7 Dec 2020Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I270
4 Pereira, Margaret  27 Dec 2007Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I61
5 Perreira, Anna  7 Mar 2002Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I294
6 Rodrigues, Bibiana  27 Aug 1980Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I235
7 Rodrigues, Ellen Kaluna  30 Jul 2005Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I665
8 Rodrigues, Isabella  12 Feb 1986Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I240
9 Rodrigues, Vincent Paschoal  19 Feb 1991Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I242
10 Texeira, Raymond Henry  13 Apr 2005Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I585
11 Xavier, Eleanor  12 Dec 2017Kahului, Maui, Hawaii USA I452