Documenting This American Family

Documenting This American Family (DocFam) is a private publishing initiative that seeks to digitally archive accumulated family history for the children of Donald Rodrigues and Mona Duguay Rodrigues. The project scope is primarily restricted to the families of the children’s paternal grandparents, David J. Rodrigues, of Puunene, Hawaii, and Beth Murray, of Wellsville, Utah; and maternal grandparents, Albert J. Duguay, of Exeter, New York; and Louise Swanson, of North Kingston, Rhode Island.

DocFam materials are assembled from conversation notes, interviews, family research and photographs collected over 50 years. Although the project has a genealogy component, it is not expressly genealogical. Its more complex goal is to keep alive in memory those who came before us through recorded experiences, facts and stories. In pursuit of this goal DocFam attempts to depict the Old world to New world cultural transition that shaped attitudes about family life and grandparent/parent/child relationships.

DocFam also attempts to understand our family’s place in the American immigrant experience and how we connect to the significant historical events of our time. I hope the project enables all visitors to observe the past more intimately through respectful interest in the people whose memories, works and deeds have been passed down parent-to-child to form This American Family.

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