Documenting This American Family



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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R46 A367 
2 R42 Archives of the Public Administration in Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) A367 
3 R31 Arquivo Regional de Madeira A367 
4 R37 City of Berkeley, Health & Human Services A367 
5 R33 Diamond Head Memorial Park A367 
6 R16 Evergreen Cemetery A367 
7 R24 Family History Library A367 
8 R30 Family History Library A367 
9 R25 Family History Library, Brigham Young University A367 
10 R14 Holy Ghost Catholic Cemetery A367 
11 R7 Holy Sepulchre Cemetery A367 
12 R17 Honolulu Advertiser A367 
13 R20 Honolulu Star Bulletin A367 
14 R13 Indiantown Gap National Cemetery A367 
15 R6 Kuau Catholic Cemetery A367 
16 R15 LDS Family History Library A367 
17 R28 LDS Family History Library A367 
18 R10 Los Gatos Memorial Park A367 
19 R21 Mount Eden Cemetery Association A367 
20 R12 National Cemetery of the Pacific A367 
21 R11 National Personnel Records Center A367 
22 R22 Personal Records, Joseph I deVille Jr. A367 
23 R32 Recorder's Office, Alameda County A367 
24 R5 Registos de Passaportes A367 
25 R45 Rhode Island State Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics A367 
26 R8 Saint Anthony Church A367 
27 R43 Saint Joseph Basilica A367 
28 R19 San Jose Public Library - Birth Index A367 
29 R9 State of Hawaii, Department of Health A367 
30 R44 State of Hawaii, Department of Health A367 
31 R40 web site A367