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Hawaii Territory USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrade, Antone  Abt 1911Hawaii Territory USA I265
2 Andrade, Kenneth  Abt 1923Hawaii Territory USA I545
3 Anjo, Augusta  25 Dec 1898Hawaii Territory USA I1414
4 Anjo, Leslie Dean  15 Sep 1951Hawaii Territory USA I121
5 Balthazar, Mary Jane  2 Oct 1921Hawaii Territory USA I3218
6 Bruchal, Mary  13 May 1901Hawaii Territory USA I1609
7 Caires, Daniel   I940
8 Caires, Patrick V.  Abt 1928Hawaii Territory USA I1215
9 Caires, Richard S.  Abt 1926Hawaii Territory USA I938
10 Carreiro, Joseph  18 Sep 1915Hawaii Territory USA I1582
11 Carreiro, Joswina  1909Hawaii Territory USA I1157
12 Carreiro, Lucia  6 Mar 1911Hawaii Territory USA I1504
13 Carreiro, Mary  1908Hawaii Territory USA I1192
14 Carreiro, Raphael  24 Oct 1913Hawaii Territory USA I1583
15 DeSilva, Roger   I1386
16 Fernandes, George  Abt 1911Hawaii Territory USA I1287
17 Freitas, Frank Jr  27 Apr 1910Hawaii Territory USA I1588
18 Freitas, Ida  16 Feb 1920Hawaii Territory USA I553
19 Freitas, Isabella Elizabeth  6 Aug 1915Hawaii Territory USA I1210
20 Freitas, Joseph  Abt 1912Hawaii Territory USA I1358
21 Freitas, Ruth Ann   I1164
22 Freitas, Theresa  19 Aug 1914Hawaii Territory USA I1589
23 Gomez, Laurene I.   I433
24 Gouveia, Gregory Eugene   I369
25 Martin, [Unidentified 2nd son]  (1940/1955)Hawaii Territory USA I1566
26 Martin, [Unidentified 3rd son]  (1940/1955)Hawaii Territory USA I1346
27 Martin, Robert  (1940/1955)Hawaii Territory USA I1567
28 Martins, Elmina  13 Jun 1916Hawaii Territory USA I358
29 Martins, George   I359
30 Mendes, Ernest   I1285
31 Mendes, Paul  21 Nov 1924Hawaii Territory USA I1265
32 Nunes, Alfred P.  14 May 1930Hawaii Territory USA I3220
33 Nunes, Eva  Abt 1906Hawaii Territory USA I224
34 Nunes, Florence  Abt 1904Hawaii Territory USA I172
35 Nunes, Frank  Abt 1903Hawaii Territory USA I189
36 Nunes, Gerald Manuel  Abt 1922Hawaii Territory USA I3223
37 Nunes, John  Abt 1908Hawaii Territory USA I171
38 Nunes, Louis  Abt 1910Hawaii Territory USA I169
39 Pereira, Robert  1916Hawaii Territory USA I3112
40 Pereira, Valentine  1917Hawaii Territory USA I3111
41 Pimento, Carrie  Abt 1905Hawaii Territory USA I1156
42 Pimento, Manuel  Abt 1900Hawaii Territory USA I1134
43 Pimento, Mary  23 Jun 1901Hawaii Territory USA I1133
44 Pimento, William F.   I1240
45 Rodrigues, Ermelinda Rita  5 Jul 1924Hawaii Territory USA I548
46 Silva, Gregory  Abt 1917Hawaii Territory USA I1440
47 Sitra, Joseph  15 Nov 1898Hawaii Territory USA I1176
48 Souza, Antone  Abt 1906Hawaii Territory USA I1262
49 Souza, Isabel  Abt 1908Hawaii Territory USA I1256
50 Souza, Manuel  Abt 1907Hawaii Territory USA I1258

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 do Monte Caldeira, Maria Rosa  Aft 1930Hawaii Territory USA I1292
2 Pereira, Manuel F.  10 Mar 1937Hawaii Territory USA I51
3 Silva, Theresa  (DECEASED)Hawaii Territory USA I1438
4 Sitra, Jose Pereira  Bef 1910Hawaii Territory USA I1354
5 Souza, Isabel  Bef 1920Hawaii Territory USA I1256


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nunes / Bruchal  Abt 1920Hawaii Territory USA F119
2 Rodrigues / Enos  31 Jan 1942Hawaii Territory USA F20
3 Sitra / Medeiros  1880Hawaii Territory USA F133