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Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archibald, Bonita Bonnie Clawson  1924Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2818
2 Archibald, Charles Spence  28 Sep 1899Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2096
3 Archibald, Ferrand Spence  8 May 1901Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2097
4 Archibald, George Spence  4 Apr 1907Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2094
5 Archibald, Ruby Spence  4 Mar 1905Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2093
6 Archibald, William Spence  10 Feb 1903Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2092
7 Brenchley, Gretta  26 May 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2177
8 Brenchley, Leroy  25 Jun 1906Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2179
9 Brenchley, Merrill Murray  13 Sep 1909Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2180
10 Brenchley, Newel  16 Oct 1897Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2174
11 Brown, James Murray  28 Sep 1896Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2824
12 Brown, Lucy Murray  17 May 1901Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2822
13 Brown, Lula Murray  23 Nov 1898Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2825
14 Cooper, Alton Archibald  19 Dec 1909Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2919
15 Cooper, Ruby Archibald  15 Apr 1911Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2920
16 Douglas, Luella Walters  26 Oct 1904Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2535
17 Glenn, Adam Archibald  29 Nov 1924Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2563
18 Glenn, Agnes Ellen  16 Sep 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2254
19 Glenn, Irvin Archibald  1 May 1927Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2573
20 Glenn, Ivan Parker  4 Feb 1917Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2336
21 Glenn, LeRoy Archibald  22 Mar 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2403
22 Hall, Evan Gunnell  6 Jan 1910Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I4074
23 Hall, Mary Gunnell  12 Apr 1913Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2879
24 Kerr, Mardene  13 May 1929Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I4068
25 Leishman, Elmer Archibald  16 Oct 1899Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2622
26 Murray, Ada Madeleine Bailey  25 Oct 1911Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2045
27 Murray, Arnold  29 Jul 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2806
28 Murray, Berkeley Craig  9 Jun 1930Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2133
29 Murray, Beth  24 Sep 1921Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I5
30 Murray, Charles Bailey  27 Mar 1896Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1349
31 Murray, Clair  16 Mar 1928Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2242
32 Murray, Doyle Darley  21 Feb 1923Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2947
33 Murray, Eunice  11 Sep 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2239
34 Murray, Evan Bailey  22 Nov 1901Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2041
35 Murray, Evon Thorpe  11 Apr 1897Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2913
36 Murray, Heber Kay Nielsen  25 Aug 1926Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2236
37 Murray, Heber Parker  4 Apr 1897Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1963
38 Murray, Ida Poppleton  1 Jun 1917Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2240
39 Murray, Janice   I1921
40 Murray, Jessie  3 Sep 1903Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2803
41 Murray, Johanna Bailey  4 Nov 1903Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2042
42 Murray, John Derlin  17 Feb 1929Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1920
43 Murray, Joseph Bradshaw  2 Sep 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2358
44 Murray, Junius Bailey  20 Sep 1897Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1748
45 Murray, Kenneth Bailey  5 May 1902Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1141
46 Murray, Leon Thorpe  5 Dec 1918Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2915
47 Murray, Leona Christiansen  10 Feb 1899Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2149
48 Murray, Leta Nielsen  8 Jun 1928Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2237
49 Murray, Luther Parker  29 Oct 1899Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I6
50 Murray, Mary Jane Thorpe  12 Aug 1899Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2914

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Murray, John Derlin  7 Apr 1929Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1920
2 Parker, Earl Jones  4 Aug 1901Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2639


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Archibald, Alexander Woodward  25 Jun 1952Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2071
2 Archibald, Allen Hendry  22 Jul 1950Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1206
3 Archibald, Elizabeth  3 Jun 1909Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1069
4 Archibald, Elizabeth Woodward  5 Jan 1985Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2088
5 Archibald, George Spence  23 Feb 1977Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2094
6 Archibald, John Russell  30 Apr 1923Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1613
7 Archibald, Joseph Woodward  25 Apr 1958Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2086
8 Archibald, Margaret  27 Feb 1969Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2087
9 Archibald, Margaret Russell  19 Jan 1919Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1539
10 Archibald, Mary Ann  4 Nov 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2065
11 Archibald, Ruby Spence  7 Jun 1930Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2093
12 Bailey, Charles Adamson  22 Mar 1905Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1252
13 Bailey, Charles Ramsden  16 Jan 1910Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1531
14 Bailey, Cyrus Adamson  11 Feb 1944Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1345
15 Bailey, Ernest Adamson  25 Oct 1963Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1353
16 Bailey, Mary Adamson  3 Jan 1907Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1144
17 Bailey, Selena (Lena) Adamson  18 Apr 1934Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1558
18 Bailey, Susannah Hawkins  21 Jan 1911Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1548
19 Bailey, William Adamson  29 Mar 1927Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I994
20 Barnes, Margaret Molyneux  14 Feb 1896Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2324
21 Brenchley, Gretta  5 Jun 1986Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2177
22 Brenchley, Leroy  17 Oct 1908Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2179
23 Brenchley, Merrill Murray  21 Jan 1982Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2180
24 Brenchley, Richard Weller  26 Sep 1927Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2480
25 Brenchley, Sarah Pearl  16 Oct 1954Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2176
26 Brenchley, William Clegg  16 Dec 1950Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1752
27 Brown, Joshua Richmond  27 Dec 1902Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2098
28 Clegg, Mary Joice  6 Aug 1926Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2465
29 Cooper, Alton Archibald  18 Feb 1976Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2919
30 Cooper, Caroline Parker  21 Dec 1936Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2921
31 Cooper, Joseph Guest  17 May 1928Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2356
32 Cooper, Joseph Parker  23 Jan 1956Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2922
33 Cooper, Sarah Ann Guest  28 Apr 1932Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2652
34 Darley, Thomas Thirkell  19 Jul 1940Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I965
35 Darley, William Henry Thirkell  28 Nov 1946Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2537
36 Dunkerley, Hannah  19 Jan 1900Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2489
37 Glenn, Agnes Ellen  22 Apr 1997Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2254
38 Green, Nora Leishman  6 Mar 1978Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2932
39 Hall, Evan Gunnell  5 Jun 1986Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I4074
40 Hawkins, Susannah  8 Jul 1936Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1079
41 Hendry, Elizabeth Mark  19 Jan 1919Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I927
42 Hendry, Jane Jones  1 Apr 1958Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2073
43 Hill, Elizabeth Stoddard  2 Dec 1954Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2308
44 Jones, Mary Walters  11 Oct 1960Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2360
45 Kerr, David Hamilton  4 Nov 1899Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1612
46 Kerr, Thomas Archibald  27 May 1942Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1769
47 Kilfoyle, Deseret  10 Mar 1916Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1110
48 Leatham, Margaret Bailey  2 May 1919Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1250
49 Leavitt, Zina Archibald  11 Jul 1942Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2332
50 Leishman, Jane McCormick  21 Apr 1927Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1854

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Archibald, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1909Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1069
2 Archibald, Elizabeth Woodward  9 Jan 1985Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2088
3 Archibald, Mary Ann  Nov 1912Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2065
4 Barnes, Margaret Molyneux  17 Feb 1896Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2324
5 Bradshaw, Luella Walters  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2359
6 Brenchley, Richard Weller  30 Sep 1927Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2480
7 Brown, Joseph Robert Murray  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2823
8 Brown, Lucy Murray  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2822
9 Clegg, Mary Joice  9 Aug 1926Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2465
10 Cooper, Alton Archibald  22 Mar 1976Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2919
11 Cooper, Caroline Parker  24 Dec 1936Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2921
12 Cooper, Joseph Parker  26 Jan 1956Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2922
13 Darley, William Henry Thirkell  30 Nov 1946Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2537
14 Glenn, John Bankhead  16 Feb 1953Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2400
15 Greer, Elizabeth Blackburn  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2757
16 Jensen, Agnes  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2852
17 Leonhardt, Ida Reugsegger  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2847
18 Morris, Mary Geneva  24 Oct 1998Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I7
19 Murray, David Woodward  3 Jul 1973Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1878
20 Murray, George Henry  18 Sep 1922Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1359
21 Murray, George Littlewood  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2813
22 Murray, Henry Parker  4 Jan 1943Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1965
23 Murray, Luther Parker  8 Jun 1985Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I6
24 Murray, Nora Vilate  6 Dec 1972Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1964
25 Murray, Thomas Archibald  3 Dec 1922Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1255
26 Murray, William Archibald  24 Nov 1926Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2010
27 Murray, William Parker  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1953
28 Parker, Heber Bradshaw  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2846
29 Parker, Sarah Jane Riley  8 Nov 1925Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1935
30 Parker, Sarah Jones  May 1984Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2640
31 Parker, Violet Cooper  27 Jul 1961Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2671
32 Poppleton, Clora Larsen  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2826
33 Redford, Eleanor  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2946
34 Russell, Elizabeth  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1254
35 Spence, Alexander Morrison  21 Mar 1926Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2440
36 Stuart, Charles Edward  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I1956
37 Wyatt, Franklin Horsecroft  Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA I2706


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brenchley / Painter  16 Apr 1919Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA F848
2 Murray / Wartnebe  3 Nov 1948Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA F781
3 Parker / Murray   F738
4 Parker / Stauffer  13 Feb 1924Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA F937
5 Parkinson / Parker  2 Dec 1908Wellsville, Cache, Utah USA F946