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Taunton, Massachusetts USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Farley, Maud Frances  10 Nov 1888Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3605 A367 
2 Hillman, Peter Joseph   I3533 A367 
3 Innes, Joanne  10 Apr 1947Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3596 A367 
4 Innes, Scott Phillip  14 Jun 1977Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3607 A367 
5 Jacinto, Joseph Mathew  26 Apr 1879Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3606 A367 
6 McMullen, Susan   I3593 A367 
7 Moniz, Jacob Christopher   I3603 A367 
8 Moniz, Jocelyn Janet   I3602 A367 
9 Perry, Janet   I3534 A367 
10 Perry, Joseph  1 Jun 1907Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3541 A367 
11 Rodrigues, Elmer  18 Jun 1925Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3590 A367 
12 Rodrigues, Oswaldo  13 Mar 1914Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3589 A367 
13 Santos, Aurelio (Sam)  26 Feb 1921Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3543 A367 
14 Santos, Christopher David   I3599 A367 
15 Santos, David Michael   I3537 A367 
16 Santos, Elsie  4 Mar 1919Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3542 A367 
17 Santos, Joyce   I3530 A367 
18 Santos, Lynn Marie   I3536 A367 
19 Santos, Maurice Jr  11 Sep 1931Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3535 A367 
20 Santos, Thomas   I3592 A367 
21 Zoslosky, Olga  1915Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3575 A367 
22 Zoslosky Waschak, Natalie  28 Feb 1932Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3573 A367 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thereza  16 Aug 1960Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3360 A367 
2 dos Santos, MaurĂ­cio Gomes  17 Jun 1979Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3538 A367 
3 Farley, Maud Frances  4 Apr 1984Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3605 A367 
4 Innes, Joanne  4 Nov 1990Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3596 A367 
5 Innes, Scott Phillip  17 Nov 1991Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3607 A367 
6 Jacinto, Joseph Mathew  24 May 1938Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3606 A367 
7 Leite, Claudina  1951Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3548 A367 
8 Luz, Jose  1957Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3556 A367 
9 Luz, Lucilia  23 May 1995Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3539 A367 
10 Luz, Querino  14 Jul 1920Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3546 A367 
11 Perry, Antone  1930Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3547 A367 
12 Perry, Joseph  18 Dec 1983Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3541 A367 
13 Perry, Mary  1972Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3581 A367 
14 Perry, Rosalina  26 Aug 1976Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3580 A367 
15 Perry, Rose  26 Aug 1976Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3582 A367 
16 Santos, Maurice Jr  2 Jun 2017Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3535 A367 
17 Schewchuck, Catherine  1939Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3550 A367 
18 Whowell, Vera Z  10 Apr 2012Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3577 A367 
19 Zoslosky, Condrat  1943Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3549 A367 
20 Zoslosky, Condrot  1943Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3609 A367 
21 Zoslosky, Mary  22 May 1983Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3540 A367 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thereza  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3360 A367 
2 dos Santos, MaurĂ­cio Gomes  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3538 A367 
3 Innes, Joanne  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3596 A367 
4 Innes, Scott Phillip  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3607 A367 
5 Jacinto, Joseph J Sr  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3597 A367 
6 Leite, Claudina  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3548 A367 
7 Luz, Querino  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3546 A367 
8 Perry, Antone  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3547 A367 
9 Perry, Joseph  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3541 A367 
10 Perry, Rosalina  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3580 A367 
11 Perry, Rose  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3582 A367 
12 Santos, Aurelio (Sam)  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3543 A367 
13 Santos, Elsie  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3542 A367 
14 Santos, Maurice Jr  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3535 A367 
15 Schewchuck, Catherine  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3550 A367 
16 Whowell, Vera Z  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3577 A367 
17 Zoslosky, Condrat  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3549 A367 
18 Zoslosky, Mary  Taunton, Massachusetts USA I3540 A367 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jacinto / Farley  23 Nov 1909Taunton, Massachusetts USA F1181 A367 
2 Wallis / Santos   F1198 A367