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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1   Portugal I3655
2 [Unknown Surname], Augusta  Mar 1874Portugal I1356
3 [Unknown Surname], Mary  Abt 1873Portugal I2423
4 Balthazar, Jacintho Souza.  15 Aug 1869Portugal I1405
5 Carreiro, Manuel  Abt 1884Portugal I1508
6 De Lima, Maria Philomena L.  11 Mar 1872Portugal I3190
7 Farias, Manuel  Abt 1882Portugal I3625
8 Medeiros, Maria Guilhermina  Mar 1863Portugal I560
9 Nunes, Manuel  Abt 1870Portugal I180
10 Silva, Maria S. (nee Aguiar)  9 Oct 1879Portugal I740
11 Sitra, Jose Pereira  1836Portugal I1354