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201 Interred Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California USA McCain, Glenn John Leroy (I1614)
202 Interred Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California USA McCain, Eleanor Catherine (I3706)
203 Interred Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California USA McCain, Thomas E. (I3707)
204 Interred Saint John's Cemetery, State Center, Iowa USA McCain, Delbert Harvey (I1197)
205 Interred Saint John's Cemetery, State Center, Iowa USA Mehlisch, Katherine (I3705)
206 Irene T. Sagon Correspondence: "My grandmother, Joswina (Josephine) was married to my grandfather Charles Joaquin Gomes.... They were married in 1927." Source Source: S761 (S761)
207 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Petro, Tracy Marie (I1608)
208 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F231
209 Jesuina (nee Valente) Silva was known to children in the Antone Rodrigues family as Aunt Jesuina. She relocated to the California to live with her daughters Theresa and Mary after her husband's death. Source: Audrey Desiva (oral). Her grandson believes her full maiden name was Josefina (a.k.a. Jesuina) Valente. Source: Roger Desilva (oral). Valente, Jesuina (I896)
210 John Devonald MORRIS was the second child born to John Newland MORRIS and Phoebe Devonald in Brigham City, Utah he was born on 9 April 1856.

I knew Uncle John as an older man, but one Memorial Day, in Rockland, I was visiting with a cousin, Thomas Melvin MORRIS who was Uncle John's son and he said, "did you know, Julia, that dad and his father (John Devonald MORRIS) planted the first 1/2 bushel of wheat in this valley?" I was so happy to know that.

When our dear Uncle John was living with us, I asked mother, "where is his wife?;" and she told me the following. "In 1901 a little girl was born to them, and ten days later, Uncle John's wife (Elizabeth MORGAN) passed away." I thought, that is more sad than my grandmother's passing, because she left a tiny little baby, and my mother was three years old when her mother had died. I learned this when very young. It has been more than forty years since my mother told me this, and I still feel a sadness inside when I think of Uncle John.

He had married Elizabeth MORGAN on 18 January 1883 (this is on the same day my mother's parents were married.) He was twenty-seven years old and his wife was nineteen. Seven children were born, four boys and three girls. How happy those years must have been. When he found himself alone, he also found relatives who wanted to help. They took the children, and raised them, but these stories are to
others to tell.

I want to tell of the sweet little old men who was my Uncle John. His hair was white as snow, and he had very blue eyes. They twinkled when he talked. He was very bent, and walked with a cane. He worked or rested all the time. Mother said "a weed wouldn't dare show itself in the garden." He would work then go over to the apple tree that stood near the gate, slide down the trunk, lay his cane aside, and sitting against the base of the trunk, nod. Soon he would be in the garden

He was quite a philosopher. One hot summer day my mother, Phoebe Alvaretta Johnson JACOBS, who was the 4-H leader for me, and my friends was hostess for the Power County Home Demonstration Agent. This lady had come over to demonstrate "home canning." Mother knew that the puffed sleeves in my 4-H dress had to come out, a second time. I had basted those gathers by hand twice, and she knew I would not take this news graciously. So she said "Julia Victoria, why don't you go get you 4-H dress, and show it to (I don't remember her name);" So I did, and very soon "the sky was falling". Pride in my dress was wiped away as she said, "it is very pretty but these sleeves are called "puffed" because they should be a gathered. I'm afraid when you basted them your stitches were just a little to long because the fabric lays in tiny pleats. Can you see right here, and here, etc.?"

I was crushed! I put the dress away, and was out in the orchard crying when Uncle John came over, and asked what had happened. I sobbed out the whole story. He patted me, then said, "you know Julia, they will ask 'who did it' not 'how long did it take';" All of these many years I have quoted that great lesson he taught me so long ago. And I will be
eternally grateful to Uncle John for it brought the quality of his life into my life.

He passed away on 24 March 1944

Story by Julia Victoria Jacobs BECK

Interred at Brigham City Cemetery, Brigham City, Utah. 
Morris, John Devinold (I156)
211 John Newland MORRIS and Phoebe DEVONALD were converted to the gospel,and
jointed the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in Wales.
He preached in every country in Wales. He could quote passages from
the Boble by the hundreds (From Grandson Ed Morris).

John Newland MORRIS was born on February 16 1823 Llandysul Cardinganshire,
South Wales. The story said christened March 23 1923 (I think it meant
March 23, 1823).

The family lived in Brigham City and they moved to Rockland Idaho.

In her later years Phoebe was almost helpless. She suffered from
"Dropsy", and was terribly bloated from the water in her tissues.

John Newland MORRIS and his father planted the first half bushel of
wheat in Rockland.

JNM was a very dominant personality and when he ask for silent none
of the children would dared whisper.

There was a big celebration in Rockland not sure what it was for, but
the chuch was full of people. The closing number on the program was
"POETRY" BY JOHN MORRIS. It was common thing in Rockland because
he was such a creative entertainer. He took his place at the center
stage, and the conregation called out the subjects. Usually it would be a name, and if so, he would create a verse spontaneously, then another, and
another. Sometimes places would be called out, or things fruits or flowers,
etc. He would hold an audience's attention in pleasure, and happiness for
many hours. And this he did on January 27 1905 when he was 82 years old.
That night he passed away. 
Family F774
212 John Silva Rodrigues's unmarried partner at time of his death Family F171
213 Joseph Baker - We have two birth days for Joseph Baker: 1. 15 Aug 1839 in Montrose,Lee Co., Iowa; and 2. 15 Aug 1838 in West Winfield, Herkimer Co.,New York. His first wife was Lucy Amelia PACK Kimbal. Lucy's first husband was William Kimball, President Heber C Kimball's son. Lucy was born 22 Jun 1837 in Kirkland, Ohio, to John Pack, and Lucy Ives, Pack, pioneers of 1847. Lucy married Joseph Baker 10 Jul 1859 in Salt Lake City,Salt Lake Co.,Utah by President Brigham Young. She died 16 Apr 1874 at Mendon, Cache Co.,Utah, She is buried in the Mendon,Cemetery, Cache Co.Utah.

Children from Joseph Baker and first wife, Lucy Amelia Pack:

1. Joseph Lindon Born 22 Mar 1860 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co.,Utah, Died 10 Jan 1880 at 19 year old. Joseph and his friend David Rowe were walking on the Rail Road track by the Rocky Point north of Mendon,the wind was blowing so hard they did not hear the train coming and was picked up by the cow catcher and pitched to one side. Lindon was killed instantly. His friend David recovered from the accident.
2. Jesse Merrit Baker.Born 11 Nov 1861, Mendon, Utah. Married Sarah A Dowdle.
3. Simeon Pack Baker. Born 3 Jan 1864, Mendon, Utah. Married Sarah Bassett.
4. John Rupert Bake. Born 29 Nov 1865, Mendon, Utah. Married Sarah Bassett.
5. Lucy Amelia Baker. Born 22 Oct 1867- Married Albert W Raybold.
6. Charlotte Eleanor Baker. Born 16 Jun 1869. Married David T Owens.
7. Tamsam Lourlls Baker. Born 23 Feb 1871. Married Edgar Arlington.
8. Ward Eaton Born 15 Jan 1873. Died 3 Aug 1873.
9. George Caleb. Born 10 Apr 1874 - Died 10 Apr 1874, age 2 hours.

Note: One of the entries LeeAnn read indicated that after the death of George Eaton Baker, Lucy's youngest son, she became sick and never fully recovered. They record the death as 10 Aug 1873 for George Eaton Baker, I believe this should be the death date of Ward Eaton Baker.

Children from Joseph Baker and second wife, Mary Alice Morgan:

Mary Alice Morgan was sister to Elizabeth Morgan, my Great Grandmother. When Elizabeth died from kidney failure she asked her sister, Mary, to raise my Great Grandmother Mary Geneva, who at that time was just 7 days old.

4. Richard Morgan Baker. Born 24 Dec 1880 Mendon, Utah. Died 7 Oct 1924. Richard was the Fourth son of Joseph and Mary. He attended the BYC, where he was a member of the choir. He owned a farm in Pocatello Valley. Richard never married. Only 43, he died at the Budge Hospital in Logan of an infected tooth. (Sorensen and Sorensen, Simon Baker, pp. 239-240,734.,Mendon City Cemetery p.9.R - Vital Statistics of Cache County, 20 p. 117.
Sorensen and Sorensen, Simon Baker, p. 591; footnote 422. 466 Refer to footnote 423).

12. Margaret Edna Baker. Born 7 Oct 1895, Mendon,Utah. Died 25 Nov 1909 in Mendon, Cache Co.,Utah, - Daughter of Joseph and Mary Baker. There was in the late fall or early winter 3 cases Typhoid fever all recovered. One case of Scarlett fever proved fatal it was Maggy 12-13 years old(Margaret Edna Baker). Sorensen and Sorensen, Simon Baker p. 240;Mendon City Cemetery, p. 7.R; Vital statistics of Cache County p. 117. This information on Richard and Margaret can be found in the book "History of Mendon" by Isaac Sorensen's, and also a history of Joseph Baker - Mendon camp 1847 Cache County Company.
Baker, Joseph (I2040)
214 Lived in San Diego, CA area before death. Martin, Elsie Madeline (I29)
215 Living Murray (I3724)
216 Maine State Archives. Maine Marriages 1892-1996 (except 1967 to 1976). Maine. Index obtained from Maine Department of the Secretary of State, Maine State Archives, Source Source: S725 (S725)
217 Marriage date from Cynthia R. Petersen-Loesch, 64201 N. Ramona, Montrose, CO 81401 Family F610
218 Marriage license was issued on 21 June 1894 to to Manuel Furtado Reis, residing at Nuuanu, Honolulu, and Amelia de Jesus, residing at Pauoa, Honolulu, Island of Oahu. Family F888
219 Marriage produced 4 children Family F530
220 MARRIAGE: Also recorded on 24 Oct 1835 (IGI Batch #M116625) at Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland. Probably "Banns," which is an announcement proceeding the actual marriage. Family F281
221 MARRIAGE: Database records from Forrest Shade say the marriage took place at Salt Lake City or Provo, Utah. Family F688
222 Mary Alice Morgan emigrated from Wales to America with her mother, Ann Roberts Morgan, in July 1874 on the ship IDAHO. After arriving in Utah, Mary married widower Joseph Baker. Mr. Baker's first wife was Lucy Amelia Pack. Mary Alice (Morgan) Baker and Joseph Baker are buried in the Mendon Cemetery Lot 126. Lucy Amelia Pack married Joseph Baker after divorcing William Henry Kimbal. Lucy and her son by Joseph Baker are buried in the Mendon Cemetery Lot 45.

History of Mendon by Isaac Sorensen's (Mendon, Cache Co.,Utah) page 35. Joseph Baker, born 15 Aug 1839 Montrose IA, Died 25 Oct 1925, Mendon, Cache Co.,Utah. The son of Simon Baker and Mercy Young. Married Lucy Ameila Pack (Kimball) and Mary Alice Morgan. 
Morgan, Mary Alice (I2036)
223 Merged 12/18/2020 10:58 Source Source: S688 (S688)
224 Merged 5/8/2019 17:34 Source Source: S590 (S590)
225 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Parker, Mary Susan (I1928)
226 Natural child of Janice Murray's marriage to Olsen and Dean Allen Olsen. Later adopted by Reed Parker. Parker, Brent Murray (I1929)
227 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Parker, Kim Luther (I1930)
228 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Murray, Robert Farris (I1910)
229 Parish registers of baptisms, marriages, and deaths from Arco da Calheta, Funchal, Portugal Source Source: S173 (S173)
230 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1041
231 Published by Robert Archibald, Harthill, Scotland, 2 May 1856. Citation research by Lana Archibald, Garland, Utah . Copy in possession of Donald Rodrigues, Alameda, California. 05022005c Source Source: S114 (S114)
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