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Logan, Cache, Utah USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Affleck, Modena  19 Feb 1900Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2525 A367 
2 Ames, Aidan Joseph   I1917 A367 
3 Ames, Aislin Mirielle   I1958 A367 
4 Ames, Ethan Murray   I1916 A367 
5 Ames, Joseph Samuel   I1945 A367 
6 Ames, Samuel Benjamin   I1957 A367 
7 Ames, Stanley Wallace   I1987 A367 
8 Andrews, Sarah Ann  3 May 1904Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2129 A367 
9 Atkinson, Zeb David   I2999 A367 
10 Balls, Kay Dawn   I1896 A367 
11 Bergsjo, Ashton   I2552 A367 
12 Brasfield, Jeremy   I1895 A367 
13 Brasfield, Trevor C.   I1894 A367 
14 Casados, Justin Lee   I1898 A367 
15 Casados, Kimberly Dawn   I1897 A367 
16 Clark, Holly Lynn   I1884 A367 
17 Clark, Katie Ann   I1938 A367 
18 Clark, Lynsey Lee   I1885 A367 
19 Hansen, Brenda  Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2560 A367 
20 Krebs, Irene  15 Feb 1929Logan, Cache, Utah USA I4065 A367 
21 Larsen, Corey Garnel   I2017 A367 
22 Larsen, Dustin Parker   I2343 A367 
23 Larsen, Joshua Corey   I2342 A367 
24 Leavitt, Zina Archibald  27 Aug 1904Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2332 A367 
25 Leishman, Clyde Wyatt   I2553 A367 
26 Leishman, Jarvis Clyde   I2556 A367 
27 Leishman, Michelle Nichole   I2554 A367 
28 Leishman, Nina   I2555 A367 
29 Miller, Misty   I3003 A367 
30 Mosher, Tristan Louis   I3012 A367 
31 Murray, Becky   I1926 A367 
32 Murray, Bruce Derlin   I1925 A367 
33 Murray, Karen  30 Jan 1924Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2303 A367 
34 Murray, Kaylene   I1924 A367 
35 Murray, LeeAnn Stoddard   I1869 A367 
36 Murray, Louis Paul  30 Apr 1925Logan, Cache, Utah USA I4087 A367 
37 Murray, Paula   I1923 A367 
38 Murray, Robert Blaine  13 Aug 1928Logan, Cache, Utah USA I4088 A367 
39 Nilson, Stanley Keith  25 Mar 1955Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2347 A367 
40 Parker, Ashley Jolene   I2990 A367 
41 Parker, Brent Murray  13 Apr 1951Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1929 A367 
42 Parker, Dayne Hansen   I2569 A367 
43 Parker, Gentry   I2027 A367 
44 Parker, Jace Reed   I3002 A367 
45 Parker, Janet   I1931 A367 
46 Parker, Jeffery Brent   I2570 A367 
47 Parker, Kim Luther   I1930 A367 
48 Parker, Lance Grant  23 Jan 1984Logan, Cache, Utah USA I3001 A367 
49 Parker, Mary Susan   I1928 A367 
50 Parker, Steven Brooks   I3000 A367 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 Murray, Becky   I1926 A367 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Affleck, William  1 May 1949Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2533 A367 
2 Andrews, Sarah Ann  25 Mar 1972Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2129 A367 
3 Archibald, Alexander Russell  30 Dec 1919Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1002 A367 
4 Archibald, William Spence  15 Jun 1971Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2092 A367 
5 Bailey, Amanda Adamson  25 Oct 1960Logan, Cache, Utah USA I996 A367 
6 Bailey, Orson Adamson  21 Oct 1950Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1348 A367 
7 Baker, Mary Emma  14 Dec 1940Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1883 A367 
8 Baker, Thomas Morgan  22 Jun 1957Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1880 A367 
9 Baxter, Jane Love  30 Mar 1926Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2567 A367 
10 Bingham, Clara  29 Jul 1932Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2265 A367 
11 Bullock, Alice C.  17 Dec 1910Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2469 A367 
12 Cooper, Cynthia Parker  26 Aug 1975Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2923 A367 
13 Cooper, Levi Parker  5 Dec 1961Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2247 A367 
14 Cooper, Nancy Parker  23 Jul 1960Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2927 A367 
15 Cooper, Ruby Archibald  1 May 1987Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2920 A367 
16 Darley, Mary Jane Owen  16 Dec 1957Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1744 A367 
17 Glenn, Ivan Parker  6 Jul 1983Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2336 A367 
18 Glenn, John Bankhead  12 Feb 1953Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2400 A367 
19 Gunnell, Tressa Kerr  12 May 1991Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2931 A367 
20 Hancey, Edward  2 Aug 1943Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2421 A367 
21 Jones, Hannah  18 Sep 1923Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1025 A367 
22 Jones, William Murray  28 Jul 1966Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2307 A367 
23 Murray, Ada Madeleine Bailey  25 Jul 2009Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2045 A367 
24 Murray, Anna Laura Bailey  20 Apr 1965Logan, Cache, Utah USA I939 A367 
25 Murray, David P. Jr.  27 Jun 2000Logan, Cache, Utah USA I4085 A367 
26 Murray, David Roy Parker  16 Apr 1947Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1967 A367 
27 Murray, DeLon Christiansen  9 Oct 2007Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2152 A367 
28 Murray, Eunice  25 Jan 2010Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2239 A367 
29 Murray, George Henry  14 Sep 1922Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1359 A367 
30 Murray, Heber Kay Nielsen  6 Jun 2012Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2236 A367 
31 Murray, Henry Bailey  29 Oct 1972Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1234 A367 
32 Murray, Henry Parker  31 Dec 1942Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1965 A367 
33 Murray, Jessie Amanda Bailey  27 Jul 1960Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1756 A367 
34 Murray, Katherine Darley  24 Dec 1999Logan, Cache, Utah USA I4077 A367 
35 Murray, Luther Parker  5 Jun 1985Logan, Cache, Utah USA I6 A367 
36 Murray, Lydia Baxter  4 Dec 1946Logan, Cache, Utah USA I3730 A367 
37 Murray, Mary Darley  16 Dec 1957Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2949 A367 
38 Murray, Thomas Bailey  6 Jun 1988Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1591 A367 
39 Murray, William Dean Nielsen  31 Jan 2011Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2235 A367 
40 Parker, Earl Reed  16 Mar 2012Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1927 A367 
41 Parker, Elizabeth (Eliza) Cooper  20 Dec 1946Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2663 A367 
42 Parker, Isabell Hendry  22 May 1975Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2646 A367 
43 Parker, Lance Grant  23 Jan 1984Logan, Cache, Utah USA I3001 A367 
44 Spence, Margaret Morrison  27 Jul 1955Logan, Cache, Utah USA I1008 A367 
45 Stalder, Frederick Albert  8 Mar 1982Logan, Cache, Utah USA I4078 A367 
46 Thorpe, Emeline Riggs  9 Jun 1950Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2899 A367 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Affleck, William  4 May 1949Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2533 A367 
2 Bullock, Alice C.  20 Dec 1910Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2469 A367 
3 Parker, Isabell Hendry  28 May 1975Logan, Cache, Utah USA I2646 A367 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Clark   F711 A367 
2 Ames / Phillips   F762 A367 
3 Ames / Yeates   F720 A367 
4 Andrews / Leishman   F924 A367 
5 Archibald / Hendry  17 Dec 1902Logan, Cache, Utah USA F820 A367 
6 Archibald / Leavitt  18 Jun 1924Logan, Cache, Utah USA F828 A367 
7 Archibald / Spence  22 Dec 1898Logan, Cache, Utah USA F533 A367 
8 Atkinson / Parker   F801 A367 
9 Bergsjo / Casados   F724 A367 
10 Casados / Psalmonds   F725 A367 
11 Clark / Morton   F698 A367 
12 Clark / Murray   F699 A367 
13 Cooper / Archibald  24 Feb 1909Logan, Cache, Utah USA F826 A367 
14 Corbridge / Murray  25 Mar 1932Logan, Cache, Utah USA F1009 A367 
15 Deppe / Bingham  9 Nov 1910Logan, Cache, Utah USA F860 A367 
16 Glenn / Archibald  7 Jun 1911Logan, Cache, Utah USA F827 A367 
17 Glenn / Hall  14 Jan 1931Logan, Cache, Utah USA F981 A367 
18 Hendry / Parker  21 Nov 1900Logan, Cache, Utah USA F957 A367 
19 Hill / Murray  17 Sep 1913Logan, Cache, Utah USA F832 A367 
20 Kerr / Smith  30 Apr 1913Logan, Cache, Utah USA F935 A367 
21 Krebs / Murray  15 Apr 1948Logan, Cache, Utah USA F1349 A367 
22 Leishman / Maughn  30 Nov 1921Logan, Cache, Utah USA F936 A367 
23 McBride / Murray  24 Jun 1936Logan, Cache, Utah USA F857 A367 
24 Murray / Amussen  9 Nov 1942Logan, Cache, Utah USA F834 A367 
25 Murray / Baxter  19 Jan 1904Logan, Cache, Utah USA F708 A367 
26 Murray / Bindrup  4 Aug 1955Logan, Cache, Utah USA F1354 A367 
27 Murray / Douglas  22 May 1929Logan, Cache, Utah USA F806 A367 
28 Murray / Petersen  2 Jun 1941Logan, Cache, Utah USA F1351 A367 
29 Murray / Thorpe  26 Dec 1896Logan, Cache, Utah USA F697 A367 
30 Nilson / Parker   F753 A367 
31 Parker / Hansen  10 Jan 1970Logan, Cache, Utah USA F751 A367 
32 Parker / Jones  1 Nov 1899Logan, Cache, Utah USA F870 A367 
33 Parker / Smith  6 Dec 1905Logan, Cache, Utah USA F943 A367 
34 Parker / Williamson  17 Jul 1929Logan, Cache, Utah USA F729 A367 
35 Sorenson / Parker  15 Nov 1905Logan, Cache, Utah USA F958 A367 
36 Stuart / Johnson  21 Sep 1962Logan, Cache, Utah USA F979 A367 
37 Stuart / Williamson  31 Mar 1926Logan, Cache, Utah USA F859 A367 
38 Webster / Clark   F710 A367 
39 White / Clark   F758 A367 
40 Wyatt / Hall  16 Dec 1914Logan, Cache, Utah USA F951 A367 
41 Yeates / Murray   F717 A367